Monday, May 31, 2010


May 23-25:

On the 23rd, we left Mirek and the Czech Republic. I have to say I was a bit sad leaving that beautiful country. We entered Slovakia and bought a highway sticker which they use instead of having toll booths. We bought a sticker when we entered Czech Republic, and we'll need to do this when we enter Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria as well. We drove east across Slovakia and camped in a town near the Demanovska ice caves. Unfortunately the next morning the caves where closed because it was Monday so we got into the car and headed further east to the High Tatra mountains.

Stani and I are staying at a campground in the resort town of Tatranska Lomnica in the Tatra Mountains. Wow are these mountains beautiful! We took a cable car up one of the mountains to Skalnate Pleso at 1,751 meters and then hiked down for about 3 hours through rocks, streams, and cool forests with all kinds of interesting things growing. It was really fun despite my feet hurting from my hiking boots. This area is really busy in the summer with tourists and in the winter with skiers, but we're here at an off time, and it's pretty dead. Being surrounded by these beautiful peaks is really a treat!

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  1. Stani and Kristin,

    I love your blog and your story. Great sights going through the Chunnel, eh? Don't you love different shades of black and gray? How disappointing is it that people took stuff from your vehicle before you'd even started? Well it looks as though my prediction of "won't make it through Scotland" didn't pan out so it should be plain sailing from hereon in.
    I had to smile about you trip to "Piccadilly Circle." I think you mean "Circus" which is indeed what it is.
    I'll be watching closely as you leave Europe and as I struggle up the hill in the last mile of the Dexter-A2 5K.